29.11. 2019 / 19:30

« Ouvrir le temps (Times to be opened) » is a subtle conversation between the dance of Eva Klimackova, the regard of the visual artist Laurent Goldring and the poetry of Ghérasim Luca. An enigmatic liaison is created between gestures and words: serious and absurd, between appearance, disappearance and disfigurations. To feel, to move, to perceive, to say becomes suddenly the operations to discover the infinite strangeness of human being. The deformed and strange beauty of the movement is perfectly resonant with the way that Luca sculpts and cut the language. Eva Klimackova and Laurent Goldring share the same need for quality, in the movement as much as in the image. It is on this basis they created “Times to be opened”, continuing the researches of Eva Klimackova for a totally personal vocabulary of movements, and those of Laurent Goldring on other possible visions of the body. “Times to be opened” is this specific time needed to dig deeper into movement and vision and it is this time that is proposed to the spectator.

Choreography: Eva Klimáčková, Laurent Goldring
Dance: Eva Klimáčková
Sound: poetry of Ghérasim Luca
Duration: 40 min
Production: Compagnie E7KA
Coproduction : Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans dans le cadre de « l’accueil studio 2015 » Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, DRAC Centre-Val de Loire «Aide au projet 2016», International Visegrad Fund
With the support of La Briqueterie – CDC du Val de Marne, Ménagerie de verre dans le cadre de StudioLab, SE.S.TA Prague

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Crédits photo : © L. Goldring

Eva Klimáčková

Dancer and choreographer born in Slovakia, based in Paris, she studied at the Academy of performing Arts in Bratislava. She danced in many projects in: Slovakia (Anna Sedlackova, Studio tanca, Milan Kozanek, Kata Mojzisova, Marta Polakova), in Czech rep. (co. Dejadonné, co. Duwadance), in France (Kubilai Khan Investigations, co Petite Fabrique, Laurent Goldring), in Belgium (co. Dame de Pic – Karine Ponties, David Hernandez, Lise Duclaux)… In 2007 she founded the company E7KA and created following performances: Alzbeta Hlucha, Alzbeta, Ivanuska, Touch.ed, Move, Times to be opened (the perception of) and PURE, presented in France, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech republic, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium, Latvia and Hong Kong.


Laurent Goldring

Visual artist, French, lives in Paris and works worldwide. Studied philosophy at Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris) and City College of New York. His whole work can be understood as a confrontation with cinema as a model of representation and creation that leads to the current depletion of images and reality.

It consists in a wide production that crosses different genres and media: video, photo, sculpture, installation and choreography which all demonstrate that it is possible to see differently the body, the portrait, the urban landscape, and everything we call signs. He was directly involved with the creation of shows by Xavier Le Roy, Blut and Boredom, Ectoderme and Self-Unfinished (1996-1998), and by Maria-Donata d’Urso, Pezzo 0 (uno and due) (2002). He then co-signed work with Benoit Lachambre, Saskia Holbling and Louise Lecavalier the rrr… (reading readings reading) pieces, (2001), Is you me (2008) and Squatting Project (2012-2016), as well as Figures (2008) with Germana Civera ,Unturtled (2009/2012), Der Bau (2013) and Collective Jumps (2014), with Isabelle Schad,  and Ouvrir le temps (2016) with Eva Klimackova.