Performance of  human and object

Perfect shape, a symbol of order and precision

Pleasing to the eye without any irregularities and deviations

Symbol of human construct that gives us a feeling of security through it’s clarity

But can we rely on that? When do the things we have created stop being our helpers? Where is the border?

It is becoming more and more complicated to find a difference between the need and addiction…

Projekt Cube is dance creation based on interdisciplinary collaboration of fore people coming from diverse backgrounds such as sculpture, dance , design, light design and music.

In a symbolic, visual and physical manner we talk about fragile borders between human needs and addiction, desire and purposefulness. We are interested in the relation between the space of human mind, emotion and physical body. We speculate about the age of technical development and its consequences for human beings that crave for control, security, and recognition.

Our performance had a non public premiere in Prague at Studio ALTA 26. 4. 2021 and first live premier at gallery Pragovka 18. 9. 2021.

This project was realized with financial support of Studio ALTA and the Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic.

Choreography, performance : Eliška Benešová

Koncept, scenography: Kristýna Kužvartová

Music, scenography: Michal Nachtigal

Light design: Michal HōR Horáček


Please follow hygienic rules.

Length: 45 min.

● In 2021, all events at ALTA are free! ●

During the pandemic, we did not have the opportunity to meet you in person and open ALTA to the general public. Now that we can do it, we want to be even closer to you. We decided that we would not collect any entrance fees for our programs in 2021, so that really everyone could come. Culture to all!