08.07.2023 / 18:00


The House of Research is a twelve-day residency program designed as a shared space, a laboratory, for three individual artists and their research. The house serves primarily for processes in their early stage, for experimentation and building-up material, as well as a possibility for deeper immersion (or, conversely, emergence) from artistic research, or as a means to explore new layers of one’s own artistic practice.

This year, the House of Research is inhabited by three artists with strong theatre practice: Jiří Šimek, Katrīna Dūka [Riga] a Rodridgo Batista [Gent]. In their collectively wowen event which will conclude the residency stay, the artists will share with you notes from their research, methodologies, observations and practices.

Jiří Šimek connects in his work research to improvisation and experimentation, from which the form gradually crystallizes. A characteristic feature of his work is the combination of means of expression (this time mainly movement, words, voice) and the emphasis on the presence of the audience and the performer, on their mutual relationship here and now, on the nakedness and simplicity of the message. In House of Research, he is trying to find a way how to work on language that is used in improvisation, because he feels that words are magic and magic should be used wisely.

Katrīna Dūka is working in the intersection of performance practices and feminist new materialism. She is interested in body politics, queerness, and embodied storytelling. During the residency, she will further explore her ongoing research on deviant femininity as a tool for resisting narratives of normative womanhood. Through weaving together ideas of Deleuzian becoming and pony play, she will create a space for intimate and transformative encounters with the Other – through meeting other bodies and the otherness within oneself.

Rodrigo Batista is a Brazilian theatremaker and teacher based between The Netherlands and Belgium. At the core of his work is the importance of performing political statements, direct and explicit messages addressed to the current world politics. His new research departs from a metaphor, trying to artistically translate a colonial condition: we were kidnapped. Kidnapped by structures, identity, history, poetics, supremacies, injustices, moralities, ideologies, trends, exhaustion… In the residency at Studio ALTA he is focusing on the “identity captivity”, through a study on the culture of Narcissism.