03.02.2021 / 18:00
10.02.2021 / 18:00
17.02.2021 / 18:00
24.02.2021 / 18:00


An audiovisual installation at the frontage of the western wing of Invalidovna. In February with sub-heading The Cabinet of Curiosities.

Come and liven your long winter evenings up! Even during the restrictions, we decided to bring the public space in front of the western wing of Invalidovna to live. This month, technicians from ALTA and their guests prepared for you this spectacle, during which you will abandon your everyday logic and enter different layers of your reality.

This event is based on the performance the Cabinet of Curiosities, which is a collection of strange objects that speak directly to your unconscious self. Is it magic, or illusion? Let your irrational microcosmos to cure your earthly concerns.

Every Wednesday at 6PM, you can watch and listen to the dreams of Invalidovna. The audiovisual installation changes every month.

One show lasts 20 minutes and it starts at 6PM and 6:30 PM.


Created by:

ALTA technicians and the team of the Cabinet of Curiosities

(Martin Hamouz, Hynek Petrželka, Valtteri Alanen, Jan Tranta, Jiří Šmirk & Alicia Cubells, Kateřina Szymanski, Magdaléna Vrábová, Kristína Grežďová, Lukáš Škorvánek)