29.10. 2019 / 19:30


Roselyne is searching for her place. She wishes to be invisible. She does not want to disturb. She doubts. She always hides behind something. She found a plant.

Roselyne could be a reflection of our doubts, the decisions we did not take, the possibilities we did not enjoy. She is perfectly imperfect, like the rest of us.

“I feel guilty. I dont remember why. Maybe I did something wrong or something not good enough or something I should have done and I did not do. Maybe the guilt was here before me. The worst is not to feel guilty, the worst is to try to remember why.”


Created by: Cécile Da Costa
Assistant director: Dominika Špalková
Music: Honza Šikl
Light design: Jiří Šmirk
Costume: Petra Vlachynská
Production: Šárka Pavelková & ProFitArt.
With the support of: City of Prague, Minister of Culture ČR, Státní fond kultury, Nadace život umělce.
Partners: Studio ALTA, Divadlo Drak, Cirqueon, Uhelný mlýn, Tanec Praha, Nultý bod.

Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický