29.1. 2018 / 19:30


The question of intergenerational dialogue arises more and more often in the last years. The population gets older. Seniors are becoming a large demographic group and we should not overlook them – above all because their integration is very meaningful. It is important for us to give seniors space and attention. To be in a dialogue with them, to ask, react, create together and find a way towards each other.

We are encouraged by the sparkling eyes of an oldster sitting on a bench, his liveliness and openness, childish curiosity and the calmness that arises from everything he´s been through. We like to watch a grandma who tells you her life story in a supermarket queue. We are scared of them telling the already thousand times told stories. We are unsettled by the wrinkled skin and grey hair. We are fascinated by the plasticity of time, it´s speed and the joy of life. We are interested in the connection between the age and the years. We are looking for things that are young in oldsters and old in us.