20.03.2020 / 19:30 / Veletržní palác


Trigger is a movable system, that organises itself differently according to the location where it’s being hosted. The system reshapes the geometry of the spaces and, vice versa, the space itself transforms the performance action.

The choreographic score, developing in the inside and outside of the perimeter of a rectangle inscribed in the venue, is constituted of pre-established units of movement, which are arranged with one another in instantaneous ways. The audience is seated along the sides of the rectangle, so as to share the scenic space with the performance.

Trigger is a personal exploration that, for a limited period of time, aims at transforming a space into a “place”. This becomes a shelter, a crossing point and the nest of a body that, in a state of perpetua listening, amplifies the spaces which are internal and external to itself.

Concept, performed by: Annamaria Ajmone
Music:  Palm Wine
Technical direction: Giulia Pastore
Costumes: Jules Goldsmih