Jana Ryšlavá, Jindřich Panský, Jiří Hajdyla: Carpet Diem

Seize the day. But what if there treacherously appears a carpet during this day? Or two? What will you do with them?  Jana Ryšlavá and Jindřich Panský decided to try it. It is not that easy to enjoy every single moment of your life – as the gurus who write books with smiley people on the cover claim. What you truly love at the beginning may throw a spanner in the works at last.  Will you step it over with a smile or fall and start swearing? Or can you fall with a winning smile? Hmm…?

Choreography, theme development and fighting with carpets: Jana Ryšavá, Jindřich Panský

Director and main carpet mover – right time bad place: Jiří Hajdyla

From an ordinary carpet puts lights on the red one: Pavel Vitt

Supported by: Ministry of Culture, City of Ostrava, Nadace život umělce

Ostravica Textilia: Luxury Memories (dance movie)

The short film LUXURY MEMORIES shows beauties and weaknesses of the generally recognized Ostravica Textilia building in Art Nouveau style. The atmosphere of the film will take you to Ostravica itself, which is not accessible to the public. The music for the movie was composed by Forma.

Choreography: Jana Ryšlavá
Director: Radim Vaňous
Music: Forma
Cast: Tereza Petrová, Katy Quisová, Eliška Kučáková, Lucie Kovářová, Beáta Šodková, Adriana Steinerová, Klára Machalcová, Klára Šindelářová, Viktorie Georgievová, Kateřina Nepovímová, Dorota Hořanská, Jakub Sotorník, Marcela Kučová
Lights: Pavel Vitt


After the movie, you can enjoy a “cooltour” karaoke.