22.3. 2019 / 20:00 / Žižkovská Noc

It’s a game with strict boundaries in which imagery and longing go hand in hand. It’s a puffed out void that bursts and hits you right into your chest. It’s whispering at the edge of actuality. Saudade – the sensation of lacking, grief for something beloved that disappeared or has never been here. Solo by a dancer and choreographer, Alica Minárová (SVK/CZE/DEU), who through the character of a stripper searches for natural sensuality that doesn’t deprive the female body of dignity by showing it.


Choreography, performing: Alica Minárová
Dramaturgy: Šimon Peták
Visual concept and solution: Denisa Švachová
Music: Lukáš Palán
Light design: Eliška Kociánová
Photo: Anna Benháková
Video documentation: Jiří Jiráček

The performance was created with support of BuranTeatr, Studio Alta and Nadace Život umělce.