The Ufftenživot group (Sára Arnstein, Jiří Šimek, and technician Štěpán Hejzlar) has been active on the independent theatre scene since 2013. They create unique projects on the borders of theatre, performance, slam poetry, and puppetry. Their productions are regularly presented at important stages in Prague, the Czech Republic, and abroad, as well as at international festivals.

Since 2013, the team has created seven devised shows: Králíček (The Rabbit, 2013, DAMU), GoG (2014, Studio ALTA), Loneliness & stuff (2016, Studio ALTA), KEEP CALM (2017, Alfred ve dvoře) Neboj_aneb show tanečníka Jiříka (Don’t be afraid_Or the Dancer Georgies (Jiřík`s) show, 2018, Cross Attic), What´s Happening (2019), Words of Apology (2019).

Ufftenživot’s style of work combines disciplines, searching for new paths of scenic expression and pushing the boundaries of theatre as such. The process always begins with a topic. Through research, improvisation, and experimentation, the form of the resultant production gradually crystallises. In addition to a combination of expressive means (movement, speech, puppetry, projections), their work is characterised by an emphasis on the presence of the audience member and the performer; on their relationship here and now; on a certain nakedness and simplicity of message.

“We understand theatre as an experience and a space of sharing in which we can return to something we have long forgotten: our natural spirituality, beat down by today’s consumerist, capitalist, and accelerated way of life. We try to create experiences that inspire the audience to find their own critical position, to broaden their horizons and find new names for what surrounds us. The absurdity and inconsistency of the world is our inspiration.”– Sára Arnstein