Tlusta cara art group has taken it upon itself to point out downplayed topics and also integrate the socially disadvantaged – people dealing with addictions, homelessness, occupants of shelters, former prisoners, victims of crimes et cetera. People, that the society oftentimes  excludes, for whom the opportunity to create and self express is denied or hard to come by. Even though they are the same people inside as all of us. The only difference of their’s is, that they have been kicked in the gut by life and are unable to get back up by themselves. Tlusta cara provides the place to express themselves, community and a motivation to change.

None of us is a professional artist, we don’t have academic or art education, even so our primary goal is to create and integrate the socially disadvantaged. We percieve the art as a tool to express an opinion. And instead of expressing grief or joy originating from our personal dramas, we’re focusing on tabu and social topics.

The group activity is given by selecting a topic for a given period of time. A topic we want to open for a discussion. We the create an artistic object based on the topic – a painting, a sculpture or just take to the streets with the goal of pointing out what’s irritating us about the topic. We’re also consulting experts, who help us in gathering as much information as possible on the topic, which we then present to the society at large.