Studio ALTA is an open theatre environment where distinguished ensembles and artists from the field of new theatre and dance work and perform. On Studio ALTA´s stage, well-established artists meet experimenters and art school graduates. Many ensembles found at Studio ALTA a second home. These ensembles include VerTeDance, ME-SA, Ufftenživot, Marie Gourdain, Tereza Ondrová & Peter Šavel etc.

In our repertoire, you will find original dance performances overlapped with different media and art genres. In 2016, our current repertoire was enriched with two new programme sections that fortify the common dialogue of artists and spectators. “ALTA In Progress” offers a unique insight into the process of the creation of theatre pieces. These “work in progress” presentations are followed by discussions, where the audience is able to gain a better understanding of the piece and the artists are able to receive feedback. A discussion with the audience is the principal part of the project “RespondART” – a series of socially engaged performances that is co-organized by the theatres Alfred ve dvoře, Tanzfaktur Cologne, and Brottfabrik Bonn. The aim of the project is to initiate and reinforce the active reception of performing arts and to develop a better understanding of today´s world and our own critical thinking.