Open Call: Invalidovna / Western Wing

May – December 2020

Cultural center Studio ALTA in cooperation with Initiative for Invalidovna and the Czech National Heritage Institute aim to revitalize the West Wing of Invalidovna building (National and Cultural Heritage site) by setting up various activities until the time of its reconstruction. It is our goal to make entire facilities accessible to public, professional artists, and civil initiatives and fill it with cultural, artistic, social and community activities. We would like to provide space for sharing, creating, learning and positively influencing each other. We search for projects and partners to help us bring this part of the building back to life and become a part of this exceptional place.

This call is open for all artists, artistic groups, creative professions, non-profit organisations and engaged individuals. 

More about Invalidovna ant its history:

More about Studio ALTA:

What is already set up?

The spaces require maintenance and they are not a typical theatre or ateliers. For many years they haven´t been in use, but as it showed up last year, even in these modest conditions they can serve well.

Currently we have space for performances, concerts and presentations, and space for rehearsals of theatre performers and dancers, as well as an exhibition room, and garden to take a rest in or for organizing outside activities.

Studio ALTA fills these spaces with activities of artistic groups and individuals with regular programs. For cooperating organizations and projects, we offer spaces of different kinds. We create a creative environment with a café and friendly atmosphere.

What we offer?

Invalidovna, a national cultural heritage site, is a place with strong „genius loci“ which will motivate you to create, however at the same time, it is a building which hasn’t been in use for a long time, and is awaiting a complete reconstruction. This means that only those projects can be produced, which are able to adapt to specific building conditions.

The whole wing is cleared of debris, cleaned, some places have access to electricity via external connection, we have dry toilets, and the space currently lacks heating. We do not possess the comfort which can be found in modern buildings, the luxury we have is a beautiful garden and the freedom for your work and projects.

If this is what you are looking for, we will be glad to provide a space for your activity. There are four different open calls. The conditions for providing space are dealt with on individual bases, so that they correspond to the character of activity, our abilities and principles. Applications for each call can be downloaded from the links below.

Please, fill the application form in and e-mail it to  

Spontaneous Idea

For whom: I am an active person full of good ideas, and react to social impulses, and need a space to organize a quick activity or occasion.

When: you can apply anytime

What we offer: space, which will be available at the time (room, corridor, garden) for the duration of one off activity, publicity on FB


Slowly but Surely

For whom: we are a unit/ group that has been around for some time, we continuously work on our targets, we need space where we can be active for some time.

When: 1. Call is open until February 28th, 2020 and the period of cooperation is May – December 2020

What we offer: one or two rooms for regular activity, full partnership, part of life at Invalidovna, support and advise, possibility to present in advance planned public performances.

We require: 1-2 public events per month, joining in other activities, cooperation, responsibility, adhering to internal code and regulations, financial participation in and servicing of the building (as per realistic usage of the space)


Art is life

For whom: I am an artist/art group/ production unit, Invalidovna is a place where I would like to present my work, creations, festival, activity

When: 1. Call is open until February 28th, 2020 and the period of cooperation is May – December 2020
2. Call is open until June 30th, 2020 and the period of coperatioon is September – December 2020

What we offer: Spaces for rehearsals and presentations, basic technical equipment and support, basic promotion

We require: high level of artistic quality, ability to ensure the project from production and organization side, financial self-reliance.


I don’t have an idea, but I want to be a part of it

For whom: I simply want to be a part of it, I symphatise with what you do, I am culturally oriented and like to spend time meaningfully, I want to help, I am a volunteer.

When: anytime. Just send us an e-mail to and describe your skills and idea of cooperation.

We offer: participation in meaningful activities and projects, great experience, free entry for all activities, great team of people and relax in the garden.

We require: reliability and responsibility, let us know in time, if your circumstances change.