MANUS Art Collective z.s. was found in 2020 and works as a collective of choreographers, performers and contemporary dance trainers. Founders are Štěpána Mancová, Šimon Klus and Šárka Říhová. All of the team members are active artists not only at MANUS. With the financial support we were able to release our first choreography called Árbakkinn, which got included in the Nová krev programme organised by Nová síť (platform for contemporary dance and art). Currently there are three new performances in the creation process. NomHades supported by MKČR and Visegrad4 Fund. Košilice a Okšila in co-production with Studio ALTA, supported by MKČR. Last but not least experimental performance The End of Blaho in co-production with Studio ALTA.

MANUS is a team of people with the same dream and goal of being active artists in the fields of contemporary dance and from now on you can find us at the spaces of beautiful Studio ALTA! See you there!