multi-genre platform for art and technology

HōR Light_lab includes:

HōR Light_lab: Studio_atelier_lab for light, multimedia, objects, sound and performance.

HōR Light_lab exploring the possibilities of new materials and technologies in lighting design, stage design, sound design and their creative application in fine art, design and scenic art.

HōR Gallery: It presents the youngest and most up-to-date art with a focus on working with the light, photography, video art, digital art and mix-techniques.

HōR Gallery offers space for progressive artistic achievements of expanding frontiers thanks to the abilities of self-knowledge, philosophy, science and technology.

Judgment_lab: Dark room, education and creation in the field of analog photography.

Although it may seem today that things around us can have a tangible foundation, it is not. Judgment_lab is a return to good things. Artistic action based on clear ideas and its materialization through physical and chemical processes.
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