Studio ALTA was founded in 2008 primarily as a space for the creation and performance of dance and physical theatre. Over time, it has turned and grown into a multicultural center and a creative hub where artists of all disciplines, the public and diverse communities meet. By the end of February 2020, the ALTA studio left the industrial hall in Bubenská Street after eleven years, and from May 2020 it develops its values and mission in Invalidovna in Prague-Karlín, where it received the entire west wing from the National Heritage Institute as a loan. Studio ALTA has implemented its program in Invalidovna in cooperation with the National Heritage Institute and the Initiative for Invalidovna non-profit organization.

Studio ALTA is operated by ALT@RT, z.ú. Our mission is to support independent artistic creation and the development of civil society. We perceive culture and art as an instrument of social change, through which we develop critical thinking and deeper understanding of freedom and democracy in humans.

The aim of our activity is to find innovative artistic testimonies and to bring together top professional artists, new authors, the non-profit sector and the general public, including excluded social groups and at first sight heterogeneous communities, which nevertheless share a common value base.

We provide space for artistic research, without which no valuable work can be created. We give the necessary confidence to experiments, incomprehensible activities and even mistakes, without which we cannot find the right way. We flexibly respond to dynamic changes in society and realize our activities in a comprehensive network of our world and diverse society, from which we do not isolate ourselves in a bubble. We pay special attention to current environmental challenges and try to create a model example of a maximum environmentally friendly operation.

Through our activities and an extensive network of Prague, Czech and foreign partner organizations, we enter into an active dialogue both with the public and private sectors searching for innovative instruments of cultural policy. We have been constantly initiating a dialogue that leads to an understanding of our mutual needs, the importance of an independent culture and generally beneficial cooperation.

We are based on local needs and specifics, but we do our business in an international context. Since 2015, we have been a member of Trans Europe Halles, an international network of independent cultural and social centres, and through our numerous participations in world festivals and conferences we have been constantly confronted with international experience.

As the premises of Invalidovna do not entirely meet the requirements of dance and theatre productions, we have still been looking for suitable premises for our activity.

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